The Tibetan Medicine is a medical system with its own characteristics, which is developed under some peculiar natural circumstances and human conditions. It has absorbed something useful from the foreign medicines, for example, the Indian medicine, and the Persian medicine, as well as from the Chinese medicine. It is one of the resplendent pearls in the medicine of our country, and an important part of the world's traditional medicine.
At present, a series of enterprises of the Tibetan Medicine have already appeared in such area, which are responsible for the medical treatment, the education, the academic research, and the manufacturing under the system. Especially in Tibet Province and Qinghai Province, colleges and universities of higher learning on the Tibetan Medicine have been established, and the five-year undergraduate program has been undergoing.

* Jinhe
* Jingzhu
* Qizheng
* Project bit

   Nowadays, the medical institutions of the Tibetan Medicine have amounted to thirty. The government invested
two hundred million RMB in order to set up some modern Tibetan medicine-manufacturing factories in Tibet and Qinghai Provinces. There are over thirty enterprises whose business is to produce Tibetan medicine.

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