Contribute to Tibetan medical drugs
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    Tibetan calendar  January 14th Yearof the Fire Dog (March 14, 2006) ,Mr.Dhondup and Mr,Sun taijun , president of Qinghai Arura Tibetan Medicine CO,.Ltd.accompanied  by a group of staff come to Xia Zhang fangtai village , Shang Xinzhuang town of Hungzhong county , Qinghai province ( Qu Ga Tan village of Ma chang Tibetan town and it's hometown of the Zongkapa,founder of the Gelug (Yellow) Sect of Tibetan Buddhism ),Contribute to Tibetan medical drugs have a valueof about 120 thousand for More than 600 households, was the most solemn of all the villagers welcomed.
    The villagers wear  Tibetan dress they wear  during the importanttraditional Tibetan festivals and performances by local ancient Tibetan songs, dance and localTibetan traditional sports games .
    This a large activity after Nov. 2005 Qinghai Arura Tibetan Medicine CO,.Ltd. Contribute to Tibetan medical drugs for Farmers have a value of about 100 thousand with Tibetan medicine diagnoses activity.


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